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About Us

Techbec is a pioneering electrical and electronics firm, dedicated to delivering top-tier EV charging solutions and components. Our comprehensive lineup encompasses AC and DC chargers, alongside essential components like power modules, PLCs, CCS2 Guns, and Type-2 Guns. With a rich legacy spanning over two decades, we have mastered the art of executing major electronics projects nationwide, earning a reputation for integrity and unwavering commitment to our clients. At Techbec, we forge enduring relationships while driving innovation forward, propelled by cutting-edge technology and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring unparalleled success in the realm of EV charging infrastructure.

Our Offerings

Techbec leads the charge in the EV charging sector, driving innovation and reshaping the sustainable energy landscape with cutting-edge EV chargers and components. Our offerings include AC and DC EV chargers and EV charger components like power modules, PLCs, Main Card, CCS2 Gun and Type-2 Gun, catering to diverse needs from commercial to domestic applications. Techbec paves the path towards a greener future with smart, clean technological solutions with a goal to design sustainable, tech-driven solutions for optimal performance and to introduce world-class solutions that achieve net-zero emissions.

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